Heated Pools


Last Update 2 years ago

For villas that offer a pool heating facility (some are included in price, most with a separate payment) the pool heater makes the pool 3⁰C- 5⁰ C warmer at 1 p.m. than a non-heated pool under normal circumstances at the relevant time of year. This provides beneficial warming to a pool, but does not make it a 'hot' pool. Please note that we do not feature pool heating during July and August, as weather temperatures will raise the heat of the pool so the temperature of the water regularly exceeds 28 degrees celsius, the temperature at which the pool may be heated to. 

Between November and April, any pool heating installed may not be adequate to heat the pool to a comfortable temperature and under these circumstances, no refund will be made. We do not accept any liability for any non-operational time out of our control. In the case of any malfunction of the pool heating equipment, we will endeavour to rectify this as soon as possible, however, our liability will not exceed a total of 10 Euros per night or, if paid for separately, a refund of pool heating charge.

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