Covid-19 Greece Requirements

Track & Trace Info you must provide for your stay

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Last Update 2 years ago

  Please Click Here  to take you to the Track and Trace questions, please complete ALL required details, failure to comply may result in withdrawal of accommodation.

IMPORTANT! Covid-19 Greek Government Track & Trace requirements

To comply with the latest Covid-19 Protocols issued by the Greek Government, Villa owners are obliged to keep a record of everyone who goes into the accommodation to assist the Greek National Public Health Organisation (NPHO) in their track and trace system. So you are legally obliged to supply your contact details (address/mobile number/email) all names of all members of your party staying at the accommodation & their phone numbers/email addresses.

This information will be held by the owner for a minimum of 28 days after your departure and may be used by the Greek Authorities for track & tracing purposes.

Failure to comply these details could result in a fine for the owner of up to 3,000 Euros and the Immediate closure of their accommodation, therefore we kindly ask you complete all details before you arrive.

New Enhanced Cleaning

We need to make you aware that the mid-stay cleaning has been eliminated for the purpose of following the Covid-19 Protocol. This will keep people out of your accommodation whilst you are in it. Protecting both the guests and the housekeeping staff.

The housekeeping staff will leave you a second set of bath towels at the beginning of your stay plus disinfectant spray, kitchen roll, antiseptic gel & rubbish bin liners. They will also drop off clean sheets & more towels (wrapped) if you are staying for a long period of time (ie. over 9 days).

We ask that you put your used laundry in bags & close them, for the staff to collect when they drop off more clean linen or at the end of your stay.

Less Paper/decor

Inside the accommodation, books, magazines & excess decorative items & game boards have had to be put away for now. Understandably, it would be quite difficult, if not impossible, to disinfect each page of a magazine. Plus extra pillows may be wrapped. So expect the place to be a little bit more bare than usual, it is for everyone's safety that these things are being done.

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